„Thyroset is a ready supplement product for supplementation of typical vitamin and mineral deficiencies in people requiring special care concerning their thyroid gland and immune system functioning..“

What does a day with Thyroset look like?

The time of taking individual vitamins and minerals is of particular importance, so Thyroset encompasses three stages:


A specially designed, soft gelatin capsule, containing the key fat- soluble vitamins: D3, E, K2 as MK7, essential for normal functioning of human body and mixed with a top quality Omega-3 fatty acids.



Thoroughly thought over formula, developed to benefit from a positive interactions between active ingredients. Absorption of Iron is enhanced by Vitamin C, whereas an absorption of Selenium is backed by vitamin E. Moreover, the formula contains additionally an active, methylated form of vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin).



The formula of the capsule benefits from the synergies of a combination of zinc and magnesium, which grants a better absorption of those microelements. The presence of vitamin B6 additionally enhances an absorption of magnesium. The formula of Thyroset#3 is also fortified with a significant dose of biotin and thiamin, as well as, a methylated form of folic acid (Quatrefolic®).


Most frequently asked questions

Why is Thyroset a three-step formulation?
Does Thyroset supplement all deficiencies of vitamins and essential elements?
What distinguishes Thyroset from monoformulations available on the market?

Why Thyroset?

Thyroset supports the normal functioning of the thyroid gland and the immune system. It was designed to supplement typical vitamin and mineral deficiencies in people requiring special care in terms of their thyroid gland function. Remember that supplementation supports therapy, but it does not constitute a main therapeutic activity in itself. Greater deficiencies may require additional supplementation, determined on the basis of laboratory tests and medical consultations.